4 Benefits of Group Dating


Group dates were fairly popular in the 80s and 90s but have dissipated over the last decade unless you are a teenager. The growth of interracial dating sites has led singles to tackling this approach all over again for a low-stress way to meet someone new. The group date approach can be quite beneficial if you are interested in Filipino dating as traditional customs indicate that two individuals should spend time together in a group and get to know each other before moving forward into a full-fledged open relationship. If you are thinking that the group date idea is childish – think again. Here are four benefits of group dating.

Less Stress, More Fun

Going on the first day and even getting to know someone in general can be stressful. It is filled with awkward moments and weird silences and times when you are really sure what the other person is thinking. In a new relationship all people feel a need to hold back on the type of person that they are. In a group setting a lot of that stress and anxiety is taken away because you are surrounded by friends. You naturally feel comfortable with your environment and that makes it easier to be yourself. While the two of you are interacting during group events you will have a more honest method of getting to know each other for exactly who you are.

Second Opinion

The approval of your friends and family is often sought after in Filipino relationships. A group day makes it easier for them to get an idea about the person you are interested in spending your life with. Once again, it is not uncommon for individuals to feel the need to hide certain aspects of their personality or their characteristics from those they do not know. In terms of a relationship, this often means that your friends and family don’t really know a potential partner the way that you do. Many interracial couples thrive on the approval of their friends and family and can get a second opinion from those who do not share the same clouded judgment through the use of a group date.

Financially Beneficial

A group date is also beneficial in terms of the cost of dating. If you’re going out with several people you can take advantage of group discounts or sharing appetizers and snacks at your favorite restaurants. On average, most establishments will offer some sort of discount for groups of four or more. This means that if you are interested in a specific activity you could reduce the overall costs by up to 30%.

Bad Date Scapegoat

Every once in a while you will find yourself on a bad date. This is possibly one of the best reasons to take advantage of a group date. If the day is going poorly you can easily leave or ignore your date thanks to your friends with you. It also means that after the date has ended you can still hang out with your friends and contemplate how it all went wrong. Using your friends as a scapegoat for your bad date is never a bad idea because that’s what friends are for.