5 commons questions interracial couples get asked


Interracial dating is a very touchy subject for many people with a certain minority of people not fully embracing the idea, thankfully we live in an era now where people have become more understanding and tolerant to interracial couples compared to 50 years ago. Although strides have been made, interracial couples still get stared at and sometimes get asked some innocent questions.

How do your family members feel about you dating someone outside your race?

Any question to do with race and family is always a sensitive subject and one cannot simply walk up to an interracial couple, ask this question and get a one word answer, it is impossible. It is only sensible to ask this question if you seriously want to be aware of some of the struggles people dating outside their race go through however, it is advised to not ask this question if it is being asked as a formality.

Do you get a lot of stares from people when you are out in public?

Interracial couples are seen as something outside the norm by certain people and of course people can’t help but stare sometimes but, it is hard to judge whether their stare is one of “an interracial couple, how cute” or “an interracial couple, that’s weird”. You can never tell what people are thinking when they stare unless you ask them.

Do you only date people outside your own race?

This is a very controversial question and there is no nice way to ask this without coming across as rude. There is a famous saying which says “beauty is the eye of the beholder” and everyone is perfectly entitled to date anyone they fall in love with irrespective of their race without people thinking they are creepy or weird.

What about the children, aren’t you afraid they will be picked on?

One of the most unique things about interracial dating is interracial children who get the best of both worlds when it comes to genres. The fact that the kids have a mixed heritage does not bother the couple themselves and it should not bother other people either. The main concern is bringing the children up in a loving family environment and raising them together for year rather than being bullied. In this day and age interracial kids are warmly received by society and the chances of them being picked on because of their heritage are very low.

Isn’t dating your own race much easier?

This is also another sensitive question as one can be made to look like they are picky and do not like their own race. It is all about preference at the end of the day and by simply dating their own race, once closes the door on a variety of dating candidates. If you ask most interracial couples, they will say dating outside their own race is one of the best decisions they have ever made.