The Benefits of Interracial Dating


Why are some people attracted ONLY to people of other races?  Is there such a thing as a racial bias and is that a positive quality or not?  There are many opinions on the matter; some scientific theories and some emotional viewpoints.

Some believe that a strong attraction to a person of another nationality or ethnicity is because of the unconscious desire all human beings have to have children and pass on superior genes for thriving descendents.

The theory is that when we date outside our race, we pick up the best of our partner’s genetics and combine those strong characteristics with our own, thus creating life that can survive and better adapt to the future world.  It’s a theory, but it’s an interesting one.

Some people think it’s much more simple.  Curiosity or even the thrill of seeking out a taboo; i.e. the cliché of the white woman who pursues a black man even though her father forbids it.  Some people try not to over think it and simply believe that our preferences are a mystery but the heart wants what it wants.

The Benefits of Thinking Outside Your Race

The benefits are plenty – and sex is actually the most peripheral joy.  Many singles find that their interracial relationship offers tremendous promise for commitment and maybe even love.  They get to learn about different cultures and religions.  They open their minds to new ways of thinking.  The assimilate cultural and racial aspects into their own lifestyle.  Sometimes they even get to learn a new language or travel to a new country.

Some couples have found that dating someone “opposite” in this way is ideal for learning a new perspective and reducing one’s own subconscious stereotypes.  Rather than going through life sticking to the same old prejudices and assumptions, people can learn the truth of how someone else lives and what shapes their attitudes.  It’s great for a learning experience and will help with personal growth.

Opposites Attract

It’s just the sex that is so irresistible when you meet a compatible partner of a different race or ethnicity.  The way they view the world, the little differences in language, conversational style, tradition and viewpoints can be very enjoyable.  We share, we laugh, we explain our view and then someone else enlightens us with a brand new way of doing things.  That’s part of the joy of starting a new relationship – the curiosity to know each other and be exposed to new ideas and new ways of life.

Some people also feel that children of an interracial marriage are very beautiful.  Just look at some of the most popular Hollywood stars of today—Dwayne Johnson, Keanu Reeves, Rosario Dawson and Halle Berry are living products of beautiful interracial and multiracial romances.

As you can see, there are distinct benefits to dating someone outside your “comfort zone”, and someone whom you find very attractive and fascinating to talk to.  Follow your instincts and meet the love of your life.  The benefits of a loving and caring  interracial relationship far outweigh any initial challenges.