6 things that interracial couples in Australia argue about the most


Disagreements are part of being in a relationship no matter the race of the people and any couple that does not have the odd spat here and there must not really care or love one other. Interracial relationships in a country like Australia are no different from any other relationship because people in those relationships do argue about pretty much the same thing as any other couple. Below are some of the top reasons that bring about the conflict in an interracial relationship in Australia.

1.Sex – This is perhaps the most obvious and unsurprising cause of conflict in not just interracial couples but couples in general. If one partner in the relationship has a very high sex drive, they will want a lot of sex which can cause problems. Similarly, if one partner wants less sex. To avoid arguments, couples have to make sure they reach a mutual agreement on how much sex they should be having otherwise they will be arguments about it all the time.

2.Hygiene – Each and every person has their own standards of living and that’s the same with the interracial couple. Two people will never have the same standards and if one person is messy, they can be labeled as a slob and if they prefer things to be tidy, they can be labeled as a neat freak. Accepting that each person is different is the key to solving this conflict.

3.Finances – Spending habits are also one thing that couples argue about a lot.  This has to do with who spends the most, what they spent it on, who’s turn it is to pay the bill and who buys the groceries. If one person earns twice per month than the other, it can be a struggle deciding how much they should contribute to bills when they come in.

4.Decorations – This is an area that was left to women in the past, however, these days’ men love to add their own style to a home and it can lead to arguments regarding how to decorate a room or the house.

5. Cooking – When they are too many chefs in the kitchen, it can lead to arguments because each individual will want to cook something their way, or change the ingredients to the recipe or even take over and cook something that they enjoy. The best way to deal with this conflict of interracial dating is to simply let the cook do things the best way they know how without any interference. Stepping in and having an input of how to do things differently or a certain is a bad idea.

6. What’s good for the children – An interracial couple in Australia that have kids will argue about the best ways to raise them. Before it was the mother who decided how the kids should be brought up but in this day and age, it is a bit tricky as each parent will want to raise the kids their way.