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Make wise interracial dating choices

In a relationship, no matter if it is an interracial relationship or a black white relationship, it is important to make wise decisions. This is because your decisions can have a huge impact on your relationship.

Varying from a small decision like going out on a date with someone to a big one like saying yes to a marriage proposal, your decisions are crucial for your relationship. So, let us see how you can make wise interracial dating choices, with the help of these tips.


Your core convictions, values and beliefs are the ones that make you who you are. They determine your choices as well. Ensure that these values are in coordination with your decisions.


Make your own decisions. You can always ask for inputs and suggestions from others, but at the end you should take your own decisions. Do not take your decisions solely on what other say or defer your decisions to them. Make your own choice, as per your best judgment.


Many people are eager to give advice to other people. Listen to these advices. However, there are many people who can give you wrong advice. So, only listen to those people who are close to you or whom you trust completely. Be selective of the people you take advice from, as even a single wrong decision can badly effect your end choice.


See what consequences you face in the past, when you took a similar decision. Ask yourself were the consequences in your favor or not and how did things turn out then. This way you can take an informed decision in the present by evaluating your previous experiences.


When you take your decision, think calmly. Do not make a choice in any pressure put on you by others or due to any other reason. Fast and premature decisions can land you in a wrong place with a wrong person, in turn affecting your whole life.


Think about how your decision will affect your personal ambitions and goals. Will it take you closer to your final goals or away from them? You know what to do, if your prospective decision is not in harmony with your ultimate goals.


Everyone has some or the other motive behind their every single decision. Check out what motive you have behind your decision. Honestly determine your intentions and drives for your each choice and then take a sound decision.


Look how the future turns out for your every single decision. Envision your future after you take the decision. Picture what affect your decision will have on your interracial relationship as well as on you. Depending on this, make your choice. If you do not want the future the way it turned out in your imagination, then act accordingly.

With these tips, you can surely make wise interracial dating choices that can help you as well as your relationship.

What Can I Say to Family Who Doesn’t Like My Black or White Dating Partner?

In can be heartbreaking, scary and very stressful when you discover that your parent, relative or close friend doesn’t approve of your interracial relationship.  Whether you’re a black man dating a white woman or a white woman dating a black man, even while living in progressive times, it really hurts your feelings knowing that a loved one doesn’t seem to thrilled about the idea.

What do you do?  Is it time to be aggressive and confrontational and call them out on their racism?  That’s certainly what many people do but it’s almost always the wrong way to handle the situation.  Instead, think practical.  Start with these steps.

1. Ask yourself if it’s really about the black or white thing or if it’s something else.

You may be surprised to know that sometimes a family member may have doubts about YOU, not the person you’re bringing home.  Talk to your family member and find out what’s really bothering them.  Maybe they’re wondering if you’re serious for interracial dating, leading your partner are, or are being impulsive.  This can be determined with just one conversation.

2. Are they worried about how others will see you?

Many conservative parents actually grew up supporting desegregation so don’t conclude that their apparently racist views are bad.  Maybe they’re just worried about how other people will see you, or how hard society will be on you.  Maybe they’re concerned about the family of your partner and foresee trouble.  It is true…sometimes you do have to prepare yourself to deal with the prejudices or offensive jokes of other people.

3. Do they not like some other aspect of your partner, besides race?

Give your family members some credit.  What if they simply see traits in your partner that you currently cannot see?  It might not be a racial problem at all.  Maybe they simply recognize patterns or foresee potential problems in the long-term, should you stay together.  What might help is to talk to this family member and ask them what problems they might foresee.

4. Are they nervous about it because they’ve never had an interracial romance in the family?

This can sometimes happen and parents or family members that express doubt about interracial coupling are sometimes fearful, not hateful.  Maybe they’re thinking that your romance will be controversial and aren’t aware that the majority of people are far more tolerant now than in the 1960s.  In this case, just be patient with them and assure them that you can handle the responsibility.  Encourage them to be respectful and supportive and that you take the romance very seriously.  Your affirmations will go a long way in building trust and getting them used to the idea of some day having a black or white son in law / daughter in law.

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Tips to face the society with confidence if you are in a interracial relationship

I have a great love towards interracial dating but there are many consequences faced in interracial dating. We face many issues in interracial dating and here are some interesting facts about interracial dating.

Before you enter into interracial dating you have to sit and make a true assessment about the issues you will face in it. Some of the issues that you face in interracial dating are courage, tenacity, strength and patience. You must be capable to overcome such problems and be ready to face the consequences. You should date in such a way that the thought of “What your family members and public think about your relationship” should be broken. To be true most people will never care about what others think about their relationship or their partner but some are just opposite to them. Before you enter into a relationship you must know what type of person you are and what is your social limitation.

Family plays a vital role in interracial relationship of couples. Many people worry a little about their family but few worry most about it. Off late, many parents are quite tolerable to interracial relationships even though they might not like it but they adjust themselves for their children. When you are into a relationship try to be polite and thoughtful. Never give others a chance to speak bad about your relationship.

The public is very multi-faced and tricky. Because we don’t have any idea what strangers think about our relationship? When you go out with your partner you must be prepared to receive comments from strangers. It occurs often at least monthly once and you should ignore such type of comments. Never move away from your partner when a stranger asks, “Is this your girlfriend or boyfriend?” Without any hesitation with your eyebrows raised say, “YES” to them.

In today’s world, society is a type of place where we just pick and choose type. This is a very interesting and real problem. To date it is more important to determine how he or she sees you. Don’t select your partner based on their color. Never have an assumption about your partner on their character / sex. So the bottom line is you should not determine the entire relationship based on their physical nature. You must never deny that you like them but in reality love goes much more than that.

You must be blessed to have a person to love you no matter what their color / physical appearance is. As said before you have no control about what others think about you and your interracial relationship. You must be never be bothered. Rather stay focused on your own relationship. So do and give your best in your interracial dating and relationship. Enjoy as much as you could with your partner. Do you think that you can easily face these type of issues caused by interracial dating? Then go and face them boldly. Don’t worry about the society. Do what you feel right and be a determined person.

Where to meet Asian girls nowadays?

Finally it’s dawning upon white men Asian women are a reckoning force in the world of dating. Asian women are totally different in many aspects when compared to white women, be it their physique, skin tone and thoughts. There are certain inherent characteristics in Asian women that cannot be alienated from them. One such quality to be imbibed by all the women of the world is the sacrifice they are willing to make for their family and children. The uniqueness of their sacrifice is that they tend to forget to take care of themselves in the process of taking care of their family and children. The role of teenage Asian girl gets transformed as to the role of a wife and eventually a mother. So, it’s all the worth to consider dating an Asian girl rather than any girl from the west and you can be proud in doing so. Asian girls in West can speak and write fluently in English as good as an American and many of their families have immigrated to this part of the world long back.  Having talked about the qualities of Asian girls, you may wonder where to find them? The answer to your question is that the percentage of Asian girls available for dating is smaller in number when compared to whites, blacks and Hispanics, and that is the reason that you may not find a large number of Asian girls at one place. It is true that you can spot Asian girls in Asian stores, malls, bars, restaurants and on social site like Face book, but it may be embarrassing or awkward to go them and express your desire to date them.

The best way to meet an Asian girl would be through the medium of interracial dating sites that are dedicated to this service.  All you have to do is to register your name and mention your expectations and you are bound to get amazing results in response. You can choose Asian sites that operate for free or a paid site to fulfill your wishes. Many of those who have registered in those sites have found their romance, relationship and ended up marrying the Asian girl of their choice. These sites are increasingly popular and in this fast paced world, you need not run around everywhere to meet and date Asian girls. The online dating service brings the list of Asian girls willing to date white men to your desk top and all you have to do is go through the profile of the girls provided there and make a match of yours. Although, you might load your profile on the site, do not sit idle waiting for the girls to respond to you. Instead, you can view their profiles and choose among them an Asian girl whom you think will match your profile. If you take our suggestion seriously and log on to these online sites, you will be floored by the beauty and profile of young Asian girls and you will have a difficult time to choose one as all of them are matchless.

Tips to save your interracial marriage

Interracial marriages aren’t every person’s cup of tea. It is unfortunate that people get married to someone outside their race and then break up as they fail to reach a common level of understanding. “When you realize you’re not on the same page, things begin to drift apart,” says dating counselor and psychologist Mary Coger. It is important you be a little flexible and open – minded while dating a person from outside your race on interracial dating site or offline. Failure to do so would result in a sour married life. Here are a few tips that will help you:

Don’t let differences of opinions make you angry: In order to have a healthy relationship with your companion, it is essential you don’t get angry at things that are of little significance. Refusing to let anger dictate your actions is the first step to a healthy and long lasting relationship. There is no doubt about the fact that anger makes you take filthy decisions and eventually ruin things. Therefore, instead of arguing with your companion, try to understand his / her part of the story and come to some sort of a conclusion.

Be a great passive listener: People who get into an interracial relationship are compelled to justify their choice of dating a person who belongs to another race or cultural background. However, passively listening to what others say might help you wade off negative influences from intoxicating your life. However, this doesn’t mean you absorb everything and follow it without determining whether or not it is applicable to you.

Show respect: Persons who get into an interracial relationship might not only be different in terms of color but also their cultural heritage. If you want your relationship to last long, it is essential to respect everything associated with your partner’s culture even if it contradicts your own, for no two cultures speak the same thing. Learn to respect your individual legacies and your relationship would stay afloat.

Differentiate between who matters and who doesn’t: When you’re in an interracial relationship, it is important to differentiate between those who matter to you and those who don’t. In other words you’d have to draw a line between racists and those who are open to the idea of interracial dating. You’d have to be cautious about people who don’t approve of you trying or exploring something different. It is also worth stating that those who matter the most will find a reason to come around.

If you’re hell bent on keeping your interracial marriage afloat, there is nothing that can stop you from doing so. Nevertheless, it is advised you keep the aforementioned guidelines in mind for it would play a significant role in maintaining a healthy and long lasting relationship with your special someone.